Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tug Of War

Warning all mistake are mine.

 As I stood looking in a full length mirror I could see my best friend since fifth grade standing shirtless and in a pair of old jeans hot as hell in my bedroom doorway. He gave me a goofy grin and looked at me. I was in a pair of striped briefs.

"So someone turns eighteen today!" he said, giving me an odd smile.

"Yeah, I finally caught up to you," I told him. I was six months younger than him. I heard the door slam shut and the lock click.

"Want to play tug a war?" he said, coming up behind me.

"That's a child game. But sure, why not?" I told him, fighting the hardness that was about to happen.

I could feel his finger slip in my waist band.

"Cool if I get them down, I win and I get to spank you on your bare butt eighteen times hard along with a pinch to grow on."

I grabbed my waistband and held on for dear life while laughing. "And if I win," I managed to ask.

 "Oh don't worry, you won't," he said with a sneer.

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