Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tug Of War

Warning all mistake are mine.

 As I stood looking in a full length mirror I could see my best friend since fifth grade standing shirtless and in a pair of old jeans hot as hell in my bedroom doorway. He gave me a goofy grin and looked at me. I was in a pair of striped briefs.

"So someone turns eighteen today!" he said, giving me an odd smile.

"Yeah, I finally caught up to you," I told him. I was six months younger than him. I heard the door slam shut and the lock click.

"Want to play tug a war?" he said, coming up behind me.

"That's a child game. But sure, why not?" I told him, fighting the hardness that was about to happen.

I could feel his finger slip in my waist band.

"Cool if I get them down, I win and I get to spank you on your bare butt eighteen times hard along with a pinch to grow on."

I grabbed my waistband and held on for dear life while laughing. "And if I win," I managed to ask.

 "Oh don't worry, you won't," he said with a sneer.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Bath

The room was small with a polished wood floor, probably oak. The walls were painted tan, and the far wall had white ceramic tiles with brown trim. A soft frost was on the window for modesty. A plate of soap and an old fashion white porcelain pitcher sat on the windowsill.

I sat on one end of the tub with a towel wrapped around my shoulders and he sat on the other end towel drying his hair. He looked up at me and smiled. The water running into the tub was half way up our calves.

"Both of us aren't going to fit," I told him.

"Sure we can," he said to me as he stood up. He helped me to stand, so I wouldn't slip. We both dropped our towels on the floor beside the tub, and he turned me around. I rested my back against his chest waiting to find out what he had planned. I felt his hands on my hips.

 "Now sit down," he told me.

I felt his tongue at my tail bone, and it slid up my back as I sat.

Once I was sitting on his lap his mouth found my neck, and he kissed it. "Told you we would both fit." His hands gently roamed over my chest. "You should always trust your man," he whispered in my ear as he softly pinched my ass.

But It's Hallowe'en

"No way," I said as I turned my young lover around and pushed him back towards the bedroom he'd just exited.

"But it's Halloween!" he cried out as I gave his tightly covered ass a firm swat.

"I don't care if it is Mardi Gras." I was standing in the bedroom doorway with my arms crossed. "I will not allow my nineteen year old partner to leave this house dressed as a cheap street walker.

"So can I go as a high paid call girl?" he asked closing the bathroom door quickly as I advanced on him.